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Autism Bright and Beyond Ages 3-5 Deck

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Autism Bright and Beyond Ages 3-5 Deck
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Item# autismbrightandbeyond3-5
Price: $9.99
Product Description
Quick and creative idea cards filled with playtime activities for children 3-5 years old. Enhance your child's: - Intellectual development - Coordination and motor skills - Language, listening, and thinking skills - Color, shape, and number recognition - Creativity and imagination - Observation skills - Self-esteem Your little one is spreading his or her wings, playing and socializing with other children and adults! Still, whether your child is enrolled in a playgroup, a nursery school, a day care center, a preschool, or a homeschooling situation, you are your child's first and best teacher. The quality of your preschooler's education is really up to you. Happily our deck of Bright and Beyond Activity cards for Preschoolers is just what you need to take your youngster to the next level. Each card is overflowing with fun and stimulating ideas for use with your curious and energetic three to five year-old child! The activities are printed on a set of 52 tote-able, sturdy, colorful wipe-clean cards that feature hundreds of interactive ideas for your child to develop all kinds of reading and math readiness skills and beyond! You'll learn how an ordinary apple can double as a Zigzag Puzzle or how a shoebox can transform into a Mystery Box. Why not tuck a deck into your entertainment center? The next time your preschooler complains that he is "bored" try reaching for the deck instead of the remote. A parent (or other caring adult) is a child s favorite plaything. Bright and Beyond decks allow parents and children to play and spend time with their favorite people each other. Order yours today! ACTUAL CARD SIZE 3" x 4.5"

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