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Autism Silicone Bracelet Mix and Match Sizes

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Autism Silicone Bracelet Mix and Match Sizes
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Product Description

Most popular seller!! Our Silicone Autism Bracelets are designed to last, we put in the extra effort to give you a top of the line quality bracelet. Each of these bracelets features the words "Autism Awareness" on one side and multi colored puzzle pieces around the rest of the bracelet. Unlike many similar bracelets, the wording and the design on these bracelets is debossed, meaning that the silicone of the rubber is actually formed so that the words and design appear to be _sunken' down into the bracelet. Then, we fill the design with bright colors for the puzzle pieces and yellow ink for the lettering. This debossed approach prevents the design from easily rubbing off and allows you to wear it with confidence.

This is the most popular of our Autism bracelets, and a perfect way to show your support for someone with autism. Are you having a fundraiser or putting a team together for a local autism walk? Our silicone autism bracelets are a popular way to say thanks to people who have helped you with your cause or to gift to family members so they can show their support as well.

Another idea, if you're doing a fundraiser, is to buy a bunch of bracelets in bulk at our lower cost and then resell them at a higher price to make money. In fact, these silicone autism bracelets are one of our best sellers for fundraisers. We've found that people love these autism bracelets because of their durability and bright design, and we're always proud to see folks wearing them at the walks we attend.

We're excited to now offer this bracelet in our youth size as well as the adult size. The youth size is just one inch smaller than the adult size, making it great for younger kids or people with smaller wrists. Many adults with smaller wrists prefer this smaller size because it sits more snugly on their wrists than the standard adult size. Make sure to measure your wrist before ordering - our adult size is 8" around, our youth size is 7" and our child size is 6".

The image here is two views of the same silicone autism bracelet - the front and the back. As you can see, the wording is on the front and the puzzle pieces continue all the way around the entire back of the bracelet. This ensures that even as the bracelet naturally spins, you'll never end up with a _blank' size facing out.

Silicone Autism Bracelets Specifics

  • Sizes: Adult 8", Youth 7", Child 6".
  • Features the words "Autism Awareness" and puzzle pieces around the entire bracelet.
  • High grade silicone bracelets.
Check out our full selection of Autism Spectrum Products for more great fundraising ideas, autism bracelets and gifts!

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