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CTE Awareness

CTE Awareness

Awareness Color: Lime Green
Awareness Month/Day(s): January

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a brain degenerative disease caused by repetitive head trauma. It was discovered in American football players in 2002. Before that date it was an affliction that only boxers were thought to experience. Since that date it has been discovered in hockey players, motocross riders, wrestlers, and many other players of collision type sports. Also veterans have been found to be at a high risk for the disease as well as domestic abuse victims. Sadly the disease has been found in youth athletes as well as professional players. January 30th is CTE Awareness Day. This day is to spread awareness that our brains are very fragile and need protection. Helmets do not protect from CTE. Preventing brain trauma is the only answer. CTE is 100% preventable. Visit to learn more.

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