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Down Syndrome Awareness Silicone Bracelet

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Down Syndrome Awareness Silicone Bracelet
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Down Syndrome Awareness Silicone Bracelet
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Product Description

Our Down Syndrome Bracelets are a great way to promote Down Syndrome Awareness and help raise money for research and support. Each bracelet features a two toned color design, one side is blue silicone and the other side is yellow silicone, representing the colors of Down Syndrome awareness. The two sides meld into one another without any seams, making the bracelet strong enough to be worn every day. The words "Down Syndrome Awareness" are debossed around the outside of the bracelet in white, making it easy to read the message against both colors.

Our Down Syndrome Bracelets are available in Adult Sizes. The adult size measures 8 inches around, big enough to easily slide over the majority hands and fit comfortably around most wrists without too much shifting. If you are unsure of which size to get, either for a fundraiser or a gift, the adult size is considered the _standard' size for silicone bracelets and is the best choice.

Please make sure to choose your size from the drop-down menu before clicking _add to cart'.

Each of our Down Syndrome Bracelets are made of 100% high quality silicone rubber. This rubber has some natural give in it, but it isn't stretchy in the same way a rubber band would be, so it resists getting _stretched out' and is able to maintain it's shape better over longer periods of wear. In addition, our silicone awareness bracelets are great for wear all day long. Silicone is naturally waterproof and our high-grade choices in materials ensure that your bracelet will wear well over time.

A percentage of all our Down Syndrome bracelets sales are donated to research each year, so you can feel confident in knowing that your purchase is from a company committed to giving back.

If you're planning a fundraiser for Down Syndrome, these are a great place to start. If you're doing a Down Syndrome or Buddy Walk, consider getting a bracelet for every person who makes a significant contribution to your fundraising. Or, if you're helping to organize a Down Syndrome walk team, these make a great "thank you" gift for your team members.

Silicone Down Syndrome Bracelet Specifics:

  • High quality 100% Silicone rubber.
  • measures 8" around.

Make sure to see our full selection of for more great ideas and gifts.

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